Walther P99 Automatic 9mm - My favourite hand gun

Almost shot a faggot ass paedophile with one of these last year. If not for an old woman being there to save his ass, He’d be eaten by worms by now. She told me not to shoot him and leave him for the prisoners in Bar-L to hump him and then string him up.

Various Seedlings - Day 9

Various Seedlings - Day 7

Various Seedlings - Day 4

Grow your own Tobacco - Part Three

Grow your own Tobacco - Part Two from Jason on Vimeo.

The tobacco seedlings on day 10. Thursday 7th February 2013. I count around 12 seedlings. They are very small, smaller than the point of a pin. It’s going to take many months for them to grow into a large plant. Probably by summer this year they should be ready to go outside.

Seeds planted today. Monday 28th January 2013. Germination takes 7-10 days.
Room temperature to be kept at 24 - 30 C.

14.209.00 USB - HA4FF OP Zoli, Hungary station pushing high power. Icom 7700 with a OM2500 Slovakian HF Amplifier 1Kw into a KLM KT 34 XA 6 elements tribander YAGI.


Lovely clean drinking water from the tap

Lovely clean drinking water from the tap

  • Question: The Dutch woman on your voicemail is talking about a so called "dont call me register" we have in the Netherlands. Telemarketers use this register to filter out everyone who doesnt want to be contacted by them. And at the end you are given the option to agree to a subscription from the advertisor who is trying to contact you. I'm sorry if this is really vague, but I hope it clears something up for you :) - justbelowmyskin
  • Answer:

    Thank you very much for explaining to me what the woman is saying!. It’s just strange that this call is to to my home phone number in Scotland. Surely the people who are calling must know that in Scotland we don’t speak Dutch as a native language.